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INKforall Review 2023 – AI Writer and SEO Optimization Tool
There are so many AI writers and tools available and there are more being launched almost weekly. With so many to choose it can be difficult to decide.

Well, today I’m going to help you with that decision and review one of the best AI writing tools out there called INKforall also known as INK. 

This AI writer is a powerful tool that can help you with a wide range of tasks, including content writing, content planning, keyword research, and SEO optimization

In this review, we’ll discuss all of the main features of Inkforall and provide a comprehensive review of the tool’s overall performance so whether you’re a content writer looking for a tool that can help you save time or a blog owner who needs to boost your site’s search rankings, read on to learn all about INKforall.

Inkforall Review Summary 2023

INK is an AI content writing service that can help you create SEO content. They offer a suite of AI tools for bloggers and authors however it seems content marketers and bloggers are their target audience. The tools consist of the AI writer, SEO optimizer, Copy Assistant, and Content Planner. And you don’t have to worry about grammar or spelling because that is available too!

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Inkforall Ai Suite Of Tools

Inkforall suite of AI content tools is an all-rounder with the perfect blend of creativity and productivity. They have 130 tools at this time with more on the way.


  • A suite of 130 AI tools to choose from.
  • Free Plan Available.
  • Content planner, a useful addition to anyone’s toolset.
  • The SEO optimizer is excellent


  • There’s a small learning curve for all the tools.
  • Some AI outputs are not as requested. (Normal level for AI)
  • The website layout is a little basic but doesn’t affect the tool’s performance

Inkforall Pricing and Offers

Inkforall has 4 plans and bundle pricing.

  • FREE Plan: $0/month per user – 2,000 AI words/month.
  • Creator Plan: $44/month per user – unlimited AI words/month.
  • Professional Plan: $89/month per user – Unlimited AI and SEO Docs/month.
  • SEO Rocket Plan: $443/month A Totally bespoke plan enquire for details

Special Offers: A free version with limited use, well worth trying.

Take Inkforall for a spin

What is INKforall?

Inkforall is an AI writer that has its own proprietary software rather than using GTP-3. Created by experienced online marketers it has a focus on producing SEO-optimized content for search engines.

It can help with Grammar, spelling, passive voice use, consecutive sentences, reading difficulty, and readability grades.

The tool uses natural language optimization (NLO) technology to help you create high-quality articles. It also offers a variety of other services such as social media management, email marketing, and web design. 

Who Is INKforall For?

It’s easy to say INK is for anyone who needs to write content. However, Inkforall is best suited for content marketers, social media marketers, and bloggers

Developed by online marketers who know the type of content that works and gets results. Its NLO technology links intent to your content to help craft the right message at the right time.

How does INKforall work?

INKforall has developed its own NLO natural language optimization technology and algorithm. How it works is a closely guarded secret. We can say that it is similar to NLP and uses sentiment and intent to create word relationships.

While most tools focus on faster writing, INK writing solutions bridge the gap between your content and your audience by making your content reach your audience by writing what they want to hear. 

They use these strategies to make sure your content is seen by your ideal audience and is read by your ideal readers. INK writing solutions give you the best chance to connect with your audience.

Features of INKforall

INKforall has a huge feature list but I’m going to concentrate on what I consider to be the most important for their target audience: Content Marketers, Bloggers, and Social Media Marketers.

Copywriting, Sales, Marketing

Copywriting is a crucial part of any marketing plan, and INKforall has a selection of sales and copywriting tools to aid your marketing processes. With its AI-driven copywriting features, it can help you write sales letters, press releases, social proof, Google and Facebook ads copy, text hooks, squeeze page text, call to action text, and many more copy tools for your success. ai-writer review

Inkforall Copywriting Tools
Inkforall Review: 2023 Copywriting Tools

Inkforall Content Planner

If you’re looking to improve your online presence and attract more customers, then planning out your content is vital. Just winging it from day to day won’t cut it. You have to plan it out in advance and this is where the INKforall content planner comes into play.

All you need to do is add your list of keywords to the planner and click analyze. The tool will then analyze and cluster your keyword with variations of each keyword. You then use the output cluster to create more document outlines and generate more content. 

Inkforall Content Planner image
Inkforall Review: Content Planner


E-commerce stores come with their own unique challenges and INKforall can assist you with these challenges. The most popular eCommerce writing tool is the product description writer. Writing a product description is not just a case of listing a product’s features and what it’s made of. To sell successfully the product description should be creative and evoke emotions in the buyer.

By adding the product name and a brief outline the INKforall product description tool will write a creative and emotive description to entice the customer to buy from you.

Not only is this a great timesaver it will help to increase sales with captivating descriptions created to sell. Plus there are title and meta-description generators with the same purpose. Create engaging text which encourages customers to buy.

Inkforall Ecommerce Tools
Inkforall Review: 2023 Ecommerce Tools

Inkforall suite

The Ink suite is the complete collection of almost 130 (at the last count) text-generating tools. If you need some text content for your business then chances are there’s a text-generator template created just for your needs. It has to be one of the most comprehensive collections of AI content writing tools I’ve seen. There are just too many to list here so start by getting the free trial and try them all out.

Inkforall SEO Optimization

The main “flagship” product of INKforall is a tool that helps writers optimize their content for search engines. Built into the INK editor It includes features to help with SEO, such as keyword research and analysis. 

The tool can automatically improve your page’s ability to rank based on the keywords you specify. There’s a host of page analysis features centered around 4 core topics. Word Tasks, Document Tasks, Headline Tasks, and Topical Relevance.

Inkforall SEO Assistant
INKforall: SEO Assistant

Inkforall Word Tasks

Word tasks are the analysis of the words written. This includes things like spelling, grammar, a passive voice indicator, a readability score, adverb use, word count, and reading difficulty. 

These will be highlighted for you to correct any errors or suggested improvements in your writing style. 

Inkforall SEO Word Tasks
INKForall: SEO Word Tasks

Inkforall Document Tasks

Document tasks perform similar tasks to WordPress SEO plugins if you’re familiar with them. It will highlight metadata relevant to your keywords or other on-page optimizations.

It will highlight keywords missing from the page title, page description, keywords required in the subheadings, the keyword density, the use of images, alt text, and hyperlinks in the document.

You can use this feature to optimize your document for better visibility on search engines. INKforall makes sure that each document has relevant keywords inserted into the title, description, and other key areas so that visitors find what they’re looking for with ease.

INKforall Document Tasks
INKforall Review: SEO Document Tasks

Headline Tasks

Inkforall is a tool that will analyze your headline and provide suggestions for improvement. Improvement in headline sentiment is one such feature I love. It helps to create more positive or emotional headlines for your article which in turn will elicit a better response like increased click-through rates. 

Readability, word count, character count, and keyword usage are also analyzed.

INKforall Headline Tasks
INKforall: SEO Headline Tasks

Topical Relevance

Topical relevance ensures you stay focused on your subject or topic. It’s easy when writing an article to lose structure and focus. After initial analysis of your keyword, the topical relevance tool will present suggestions of words and topics to include in your article to maintain topical relevance. In addition to the word suggestions it also provides a word frequency for each suggestion.

This will help to stop keyword cannibalization and ensure your article or blog is tightly focused on the subject in question and avoids any doubt to the search engines of your post topic. 

If you want to improve your SEO results then INKforall is a good option! Not only will it help you write better content faster, but it will also optimize it to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Inkforall Topical Relevance
INKforall: SEO Topical Relevance

Inkforall Long Form Editor

INK is the long-form editor that helps you write high-quality content that will engage readers and convert into sales. It has access to the whole INK suite of tools to use within each article or you can write without the tool suite.

When using the editor the AI follows your cursor position within the document and can continue writing for you at any point you wish. It can expand sentences and rewrite any section of text you highlight. It’s a really flexible AI tool that combines freestyle writing with AI templates and AI freestyle writing.

The features I like and use the most are the blog title creator, the blog outline creator, and the blog content writer.

INKforall Long-form editor
INKforall: Long-form Editor With AI

INKforall Blog Title Generator

The blog title generator is template based. It is one of the INK suite tools which can be used in the INK long-form editor. It’s easy to use by completing three basic form fields.

1. Start by entering the keyword or topic which you want to write about.

2. Enter a brief outline or description, and try to include key elements.

3. Suggest a writing tone.

And then click “Generate” You’ll get three headline suggestions to choose from. Then click copy to insert a headline into the blog post. Done

INKforall Blog Post Outline

The blog post outline tool will analyze your headline and the brief description you provide. From that analysis, it will write you a blog outline. The outline will include approximately five secondary headings to use in your article. As with the other tools you’ll be offered a choice of three different versions to select the one you prefer.

You can then continue writing the content manually or with the aid of AI.

INKforall Blog Post Content

Once you have written your perfect headline and produced a topical relevant blog outline now is the time to write the remaining blog content.

You can continue by using the AI tools to write the subheading content depending on your needs. For example, if you are writing a landing page script you may want to use the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) writing format. In this case, you can use the built-in AIDA template to generate the content for you.

There are dozens of other AI tools you can use to complete the writing of your blog content.

Alternatively, you can write the content manually and if required you can supplement your writing by using the AI write function. The AI write function will automatically continue writing where you have stopped. It will also re-write and expand on sentences or paragraphs you select. 

The INK AI writer is the jewel in the crown of the INK suite, it is a powerful writing assistant that has it all.

INKforall Pricing

INKforall offers four pricing plans to fit the budgets of most businesses. They are the free plan, the Creator plan, the Professional plan, and the SEO Rocket plan.

INKforall Free Plan

The free plan offers all of the AI template features and flexibility, so you can get started quickly and see how the tool can benefit your business. The free plan is limited to 2,000 words per month, 12 images, and three SEO keywords per month.

When you first sign up for the free plan you’ll also get access to the professional plan for 7 days. After 7 days the account will revert to the basic free plan limits.

Inkforall Creator Plan

The Creator Plan is a great option for small businesses and bloggers who need an AI writing assistant. This plan has access to the INK suite of 130 tools, unlimited AI words, 200 AI images, unlimited re-writes, team management, and chat support. 

This plan is more suited to content marketing where SEO is not required.

The price is $59/per month and averages $44/per month if paid annually.

Inkforall Professional Plan

Inkforall offers a professional plan that is perfect for SEO content professionals who need high-ranking articles in search engines. It includes all the features of the starter plan plus, unlimited NLO words, unlimited SEO words, 1000 content planner keywords, SEO optimizer tools, and priority support.

This plan is suited to SEO professionals who require search engine-optimized articles and blog posts.

The price is $118/per month and averages $89/per month if paid annually which equates to 3 months free on the annual plan.

Inkforall SEO Rocket

Inkforall SEO Rocket is a unique content strategy plan. It includes all the professional features and tools.

This plan is unique in the AI writing industry. It offers business owners a complete content-building strategy to skyrocket their business. 

You will get a fully researched content strategy for your business. In addition, you’ll get access to full training, recruitment training, and training for your new content-generating team. Your team will have full access to the INKforall platform and also a private community with other SEO Rocket business owners.

This plan is suited to newly launched businesses that need a content strategy and content team to boost their online presence. The business model used is based on the SAAS model however businesses of all types can use this to skyrocket their business online. Book a consultation or buy now.

INKforall Pros and Cons

Inkforall is an AI writing tool with an emphasis on SEO optimization. This tool has been praised for its effective performance. Like all software products, there are pros and cons. 

These are merely indicators of my preferences as I use the product. My likes and dislikes may not be the same as yours and your priorities may differ. Therefore, you should take these pros and cons with some skepticism and get a trial account and learn for yourself.


  • The SEO optimizer is a brilliant addition to the tool and is highly effective.
  • I like the ability to use the AI templates and the long-form editor together.
  • The free plan cannot be sniffed at, I like anything that’s free.


  • The form fields are difficult to read when using the dark mode theme.
  • The desktop version is a little glitchy so stick with the web-based version.
  • The INK suite template layout is a little basic but functional

Inkforall Review Conclusion

Inkforall is a tool that promises to help your website rank higher in search engines. It is built by marketing experts for marketing experts and it shows in what they’ve created. However, the design of the platform is a little basic although that doesn’t affect the performance at all.

Their approach to the document editor is unique and I really liked the combination of manual writing with AI writing and Ai templates. It works together brilliantly and makes writing long-form articles and blog posts so much easier.

The SEO optimizer is one of the best tools in their arsenal and after using it the first time it then became a must for each article after that. It works quickly and accurately every time.

INKforall is for bloggers and content marketers looking to rank their articles on search engines. They have a free plan which includes access to the professional plan for 7 days.

Inkforall FAQ:

Is INKforall legit?

Yes, INKforall is legit. 
This is one of those questions which often comes up with free products. INKforall does offer a free plan and it also offers paid professional plans too.

Inkforall is an AI writing and SEO optimization tool that uses natural language optimization (NLO) Articles written by using INKforall can rank higher in search engines than those written without its help because they’re more optimized for user engagement.

Is INKforall free?

Yes, INKforall is a free online content writing and publishing platform that offers a variety of features to help you easily write, publish, and optimize your content for search engines.

They also offer paid plans with extra features and increased usage limits.

How much does INKforall cost and where can I buy it from?

INKforall has 4 price plans starting with Free, Starter, Professional, and Rocket. You can start with the free plan and upgrade if it suits your needs. You can buy it from here:

What is INKforall and what does it do?

Inkforall is a writing tool that helps you create content, optimize and improve your website’s search engine visibility, and semi-automate the writing process. ai-writer review

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