The Best Copy ai Review 2023: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Copy AI Review
AI writers are popping up everywhere these days and becoming ever increasingly popular for bloggers and content creators. And that’s totally understandable, AI writers can speed up content production and improve the breadth of your writing knowledge.

But which AI writer do you choose?
Well, that’s where I can help. Continuing with my AI writers review series in this article I’m going to review the AI writing tool that claims to have 3 million + users! 

Copy ai Review Summary 2023

Copy AI is a great tool for content marketing. Their suite of over 90 content tools are designed to help bloggers, social media marketers and email marketers. In addition to the many writing tools available it lets you to write in over 25 different languages. This is great for launching your content in other countries without the need of translators. Copy AI offer training on how to use their tools and get the most out of them which is always useful.

Copy Ai Review 2023

Copy Ai Blogging Tools

Over 90+ AI Content tools for boosting your writing productivity and breaking through the writers block.


  • Clean un-cluttered interface, easy to use website
  • Huge library of content types
  • Templates for common detailed tasks


  • No plagiarism checker included
  • Only 7 day trial however that’s enough to test
  • A bit pricey for the 300k/month words Pricing and Offers

The pricing is based on words used with all 90+ tools included at all levels

  • 2k Words: $0/month – Free plan 2k words maximum
  • 40k Words: $49/month – $36/Yearly (3 months free)
  • 100k Words: $99/month – $74/yearly (3 months free)
  • 300k Words: $279/month – $209/month (3 months free)

Special Offers: Free plan for 2k words and custom enterprise pricing over 300k words.

Take for a spin is a great tool for content marketing that can help you create compelling and persuasive text content. By using its AI-powered technology, produces high quality content that will captivate your audience and help you drive more traffic to your website.

Introduction: What is Copy ai is a software tool that can help to write content for your website,  blog, social media profiles, email or marketing campaigns. It uses machine learning algorithms and datasets provided by Openai’s GTP-3 language model.

The software is made up of four main areas. 

  • Your projects, where your work is saved. 
  • The tools which do the writing.
  • The templates for more custom inputs.
  • The Freestyle writing editor.

How Does Work?

Copy AI works by using artificial intelligence to write your blogs, emails, ads, sales copy, social media posts and more. 

The software is based on the GTP-3 language model which you can learn more about here. Although it has the GTP-3 base the software has been further trained specifically for the writing required in the tools offered.

GTP-3 writing tools can write about anything hence the need for additional training by It’s the input engineering and additional training which helps to make writing tools effective.

You provide the software with a topic, keyword, or phrase you want to write about and it will analyze your request and then generate an engaging copy in literally seconds. Better still, it produces a number of variations of the written copy for you to choose from.

Who Is For? is best suited to bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs and social media creators who need to write lots of content regularly. Anyone who writes frequently will know about the time it takes and the mental effort to keep being creative and fresh. This is where can help people like you.

Copy ai review: Main features

The main features are the list of over 90 ai writing tools included in the platform. The tools make up the majority of the system.

However the freestyle editor also plays an important role in combining all the generated text into a document, article, blog post or whatever it is you’re creating.

Then there are the AI templates. The templates are where the input forms are formatted in the required manner to produce a specific output type or style. These input templates also have placeholders where you replace the placeholder with your own information. For example [product] is a placeholder that you would replace with your product name.

Copy ai: Blog Content Tools

Blogging is an important tool for content marketing. Not only does it help you to market your business more effectively, but writing quality content can also attract targeted visitors and high-quality links. The Copy AI Blog Tools will assist you in crafting your blog content. 

Copy AI Review - Generating Content
Copy AI Review: Generating Blog Content

Blog Tools

  • Blog Ideas; Brianstorm ideas for your next blog easily by inputting a keyword, topic of phrase.
  • Blog Intro; Craft a selection of blog intro in seconds.
  • Blog Titles; No more struggling for title ideas.
  • Blog Outlines; Prepare for writing a full post by generating your blog outline beforehand. 
  • Keyword Generator; Generate a selection of keywords to use in your article.
  • Freestyle Editor; Tie everything together using the freestyle editor.

Copy ai review: Email Tool

Email marketing comes with its own set of challenges. Knowing the correct format, flow and tone of your emails can be the difference between success and failure of your email campaigns. can help you with all of the above with their AI email writing tools. From writing catchy subject lines, follow-up emails, confirmation emails, welcome emails and more to the email templates such as the cold email outreach, testimonial email template and more.

Copy Ai Review - Cold Email Template
Copy AI Review: Cold Email Template

Copy ai: Sales Copy Tools

Like with the email copy mentioned above, sales copy requires knowledge of the correct format and writing formula to attract, engage and convert prospective leads into buyers. 

The sales copy tools use the following formulas to create the copy.

  • AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action
  • B-A-B – Before, After, Bridge
  • Features To Benefits
  • F-A-B – Feature, Advantage, Benefit
  • P-A-S – Pain, Agitate, Solution
  • P-P-P-P – Problem, Promise, proof, Proposal

In addition there are the Marketing angles, and Quest copywriting tools Social media content

Social media content is one of the most important aspects of a digital marketing strategy. Copy AI helps you create high-quality social media content that engages and persuades your target audience. This content can be used on social media platforms to increase brand awareness and reach new customers. 

A sample of the social media tools includes:

  • Hashtag generator
  • Hook generator
  • Keyword generator
  • Youtube idea generator
  • Carousel post creator
  • TikTok Brainstormer
  • Youtube Video titles
  • Youtube video descriptions
  • Instagram captions
  • Instagram product showcase
  • Product launcher

And many more tools to choose from.

Copy AI Review - Sales Copy Hook Generator
Copy AI Review: Hook Generator Website copy

Website copy is critical for converting prospects into leads. Poor website copy and your business will suffer for sure. 

Don’t confuse website copy with blog content. Website copy is related to sales pages, landing pages, lead-pages and similar marketing website copy.

This is where most beginners fail with their websites, the website copy. By using the copy tools you can create content that converts into sales and leads. However I recommend you create variations of your copy and test each one to find the best response. 

The Website Copy Tools

  • Call To Action Generator
  • Events Copywriter
  • Hero Text Generator
  • Listicles Writer
  • Question Generator
  • Subheader Generator
  • Social Proof Text Generator
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Testimonial Re-writer
  • Microcopy Writer

I found that once I started using the website copy tool I could not stop. The sales copywriting is far better than anything I can write myself. Content Templates

The content templates are not templates as you’d expect. Most templates are fill in the blank style with the content pre-written waiting for you to add product names and so on. 

With these templates it’s the tool input form that is templated. You see its quality of the inputs which determines the quality of what the tool writes as the output. 

So the input is prefilled with content in the relevant style and format required for the best output with highlighted sections which you replace with your product or topic. The content templates allow you to be precise and accurate with the details written resulting in far better writing in general over the normal tools.

Copy AI Review - Content Generator Templates.
Copy AI Review: Content Generator Templates Free AI writing tools has a free 7 day trial of their pro plan which includes 7,000 words. Normally the pro plan includes a massive 1,000,000 words per month. However this is reduced to 7,000 words in 7 days to allow you to try out the platform.

If you don’t upgrade at the end of the trial your account will revert to a free account with limited tools and just 2,000 words per month. Although it is free you’ll get more use and better value for your business by upgrading to the paid plan.

Additional Features

In addition to the writing tools you also have the ability to invite up to 5 team members into your account. Each team member can share one of your workspaces or use their own. This allows you and your team to collaborate on all kinds of writing tasks together or independently within the same account.

Google Chrome Extension

The chrome extension is a lightweight version of all the tools. It’s ideal if you need to write lots of small pieces of  content such as product descriptions, blog paragraphs, social media posts and such. It displays as a tall narrow chrome window with all the tools in a long list format. Just click the tool you want and enter the required details and click submit. Ideal for quick small content creation.

Multilingual inputs and output. pro writes and understands 25 languages making this tool a must if you want to create content in multiple different languages. You can write instructions in English for example and get the content written out in German or any one of the other languages. Use it to translate your content into different languages. 

Copy ai review: Pricing Information 

The pricing plans are based on the word usage model. The more words you need to write the more the plan will cost. It starts with the free plan for just 2,000 words per month which is approximately one blog or article per month.

  • 40,000 Words – $49/per month
  • 100,000 Words – $99/per month
  • 300,000 Words – $279/per month
  • 300k+ Words -Enquire for custom pricing

Copy.AI: Pros & Cons

As with most AI writers nothing can be 100% perfect and they all have their quirks. Sometimes pros and cons can be the personal taste of the reviewer so I urge you to take this as a guide and to take the free trial and test for yourself. You may have a different opinion or liking to me.

Copy ai Pros: What I liked

  • Easy to use; I liked the simple interface which allowed me to get working quickly without a long learning curve.
  • Multiple Language support is brillant.
  • AI Templated inputs made a big difference when I needed more details.

Copy ai Cons: What I disliked

As with all AI text generators the output should always be manually edited for grammar and punctuation but also checked for the accuracy of any facts and of course plagiarism. 

So perhaps they could include spelling, grammar and plagiarism checking tools in future editions.

No SEO optimisation tools although you can generate keywords.

The free version only includes 2,000 words per month which you can burn through with one article quickly. Although it’s better than nothing.  

My Final Thoughts on is a tool that allows you to generate written content with the aid of AI. Its simple clear interface is easy to understand and quickly to start generating content with. It’s one of those tools that doesn’t excite but also does everything that’s expected with ease.

Based on the layout and the tools I feel this is best suited to those with minimal technical knowledge and just want to dive in and generate content quickly with the minimum of fuss and technicalities.

Aimed at bloggers, entrepreneurs, marketers and social media creators fits the bill perfectly. 

Personally I rate this 4.7 out of 5 stars

You can get started with right here.

Copy ai Frequently Asked Questions

Is copy AI the best AI Writer?

Copy AI is an excellent ai writing assistant. Is it the best? I’d say one of the top 10 currently available.

Is Copy AI Free?

Yes, they have a free version although it is limited in features and monthly usage limits. They also have a free trial of their pro version.

What’s the best feature of Copy AI

I find the best feature of Copy ai is the ability to write in 25 languages. I also like the input templates for generating detailed writing on a specific subject or product.

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