AI-Writer Review: Is It The Best Blog Writer For 2022?

AI-Writer Review 2022: Features, Functions, And Pricing
If you’re looking for a way to organize and write your articles quickly and easily, then you should check out This online article writing tool is designed to make the process painless and easy, no matter how technical or vague your topic might be. is perfect for anyone who wants to rapidly create high-quality content without any of the stress or headache that comes with writing by hand. Plus, with a subscription, you can access a wealth of additional features and functions that make writers’ lives a lot easier. uses Artificial intelligence that is used to generate content using the actual text written by humans, instead of using rules and algorithms that are not specific enough for generating such important pieces of content.

AI-Writer Review Summary

If you are looking for a content writer that can help you with your blog, then consider using an AI writer. AI Writer specializes in writing full articles and blog posts from minimal input. Ideal for all bloggers out there especially those who require more content than average. Plus, you can subscribe to their “Content Kit” and outsource the writing.

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AI Writer Blogging Tools

 Intro: AI writer is one of the few writing tools which specialise in long form content written from just a title or heading as the input.


  • Produce long form content quickly.
  • Little input required.
  • Option to outsource the work.


  • Articles will need some rewriting.
  • The document library needs improvements.
  • Some content seems stilted.

Product Pricing and Offers

AI writer offers a free trial for all users to test drive the platform.

  • Price Plan 1: $29/month – Write up to 40 articles – Ideal for beginners.
  • Price Plan 2: $59/month – Write up to 150 articles – For serious bloggers.
  • Price Plan 3: $375/month – Write up to 1000 articles – For agencies.

Special Offers: Free trials for new users.

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What is

AI-Writer is a website that allows users to create and publish articles using artificial intelligence. It is a content marketing tool that helps bloggers write better articles in just a few minutes per day. It offers a wide range of features, including a tool that helps you create a catchy headline. Reviewers generally like the ease of use and the variety of tools offered by Ai-Writer. Some users report that the tool is a bit buggy, but overall it is a great tool for content marketers.

Who is Ai-Writer for?

If you’re looking for a tool that can help you write seo-friendly content quickly and easily, then Ai-Writer is the perfect solution for you! This AI-powered content creation tool is ideal for bloggers and content marketers who want to create articles and content quickly and with minimum effort. The interface is simple to use, and the tool is well-suited for people who want to focus on the writing and not the tech side of things.

​​How AI-Writer Works

If you’re looking for a tool that can help you automatically write high-quality articles, is a great option. It has a variety of features, including the ability to add images and videos. The price is also reasonable, making it a great choice for those on a budget. Overall, offers a variety of benefits that make it a great option for those looking for a tool to help them write quality content. Features

The main feature is a content writing tool that can help you easily create blog content quickly.
Some of the other features on the site include an SEO editor that will help you optimize your blog content for better search engine ranking and a sub-topic content creator that will allow you to combine several articles into one.

Quick And Easy Blog Post Creation

Creating blog content can be a time-consuming task, but not with It allows you to input a keyword or topic of your choice and let the artificial intelligence do the rest, creating blog posts up to 1200 words in length in about 5 minutes on average.

All the articles are generated with artificial intelligence that is trained on more than 1 billion sources and a deep learning algorithm.

Text Rewording

I believe that you should always aim to generate unique content with or without the aid of AI generators. Occasionally you may want to rewrite or re-word a piece of content. The text re-wording feature of this software can help you rewrite articles up to 1750 words in length. It can be used for refreshing old content and giving it a new lease of life.

SEO Editor

If you’re writing content that will be used to promote your business, then it’s essential to optimize it for SEO. SEO-friendly content is the lifeblood of most blogs and a good way to achieve this is by doing keyword research and using the SEO Editor.

AI-Writer Review: Image of the control panel
AI-Writer Control Panel

The SEO Editor lets you create articles from scratch or import content from other sources. It also shows the keywords that should be included in your article for optimal search engine optimization results. Furthermore, it provides a keyword optimization score so that you can track and improve upon your progress easily.

SubTopic Discovery

Content marketing is all about creating content that engages and informs your target audience. This can be a daunting task, nonetheless, Ai writer allows you to discover subtopics for your articles. Using the subtopic discovery tool allows you to create multiple articles or subtopics at the same time, making sure that all the important topics of your blog post is covered.

AI-writer review: Subtopic discovery in action, image
Subtopic Discovery In Action

Source Summarizer

Including a great tool for summarizing your sources of information is an important part of any content marketing strategy. It allows you to cite all the research and reports that have influenced the content, making it more credible and persuasive. Additionally, a source summarizer makes it easy to keep track of all the sources you’ve used while writing your content – this helps improve its overall quality.

​​AI Writer Pricing Information offer a variety of pricing options, so you can find the perfect plan for your needs. The plans include a free trial, so you can try it before you buy. The features and functions of each plan are detailed on the website, so you know exactly what’s included. Additionally, the website offers a support team that is available 24/7 to help you with any questions or issues.


Pricing is a major consideration when it comes to content marketing. You have options for monthly or yearly subscriptions with some savings to be had with the yearly option. The three pricing plans cater to different needs of content creators. Overall, the pricing makes content marketing affordable for most businesses and content marketers.

Trial Version

If you are interested in, the trial version is a great way to get started. Once the trial expires, you will need to upgrade to the full version.

AI-Writer Review: Pricing Plans Image
AI-Writer Pricing Plans

Ai-Writer Pros and Cons is a great site for anyone looking to quickly and easily create and edit blog posts. Though it does have its limitations, overall it is a powerful tool that has a lot to offer bloggers and content writers of all levels. The site is easy to navigate, and the articles that are generated are of good quality. However, nothing is ever perfect and there are a few pros and cons.

AI-Writer Pros

  • The speed and simplicity of creating blog posts
  • Pricing options are affordable for most businesses and individuals.
  • The site is easy to navigate and the articles that are generated are of good quality.
  • A Free Trial to try before you buy

This software is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge, which makes it great for beginners. Plus, its reasonable pricing means that it’s an affordable option with plenty of value.

AI-Writer Cons

When it comes to, a lot of individuals seem to have a negative opinion.

They complain about:

  • The limited features compared to its competitors
  • The questionable content output lacks depth and detail
  • Some even find the app’s interface weird and tricky!

However, these issues are generally minor and don’t affect the overall performance.

​​ Alternatives

Are you looking for AI writer alternatives that offer different features and functions? There are several alternatives available that are worth considering. Each one has its own unique set of features and pricing, so it’s worth taking a look before making a decision. When choosing which AI writer to use, make sure you test drive with the free trial to make sure it meets your needs. is a great tool for writers of all levels. It offers a wide range of features and functions that make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to improve their writing skills. Prices are also reasonable, making it an affordable option for everyone. Plus, is another great alternative to


Writesonic is a great content-writing service that offers a wide range of features and functions to make it an ideal alternative to Priced reasonably, this content writer is perfect for businesses that need a high-quality service without breaking the bank. Read Our Full Review of Writesonic


Writing is an important task for professionals, but it can be tedious and time-consuming. Rytr helps to make the process easier by automatically correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. With a wide range of features at affordable prices, this writing platform is perfect for businesses of all sizes.

AI-Writer Review: My Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an ai generator that can help you write stuff quickly and easily, then should be considered. This platform is geared towards content marketers who need to produce content quickly.

The features and functions are limited, but they work well and are easy to use. Plus, the price is reasonable for the quality of the product.

Overall, I recommend to small businesses and content marketers who need to write blog posts and articles regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using

The number one benefit for me is writing full blog posts with minimal input.

If you’re looking for a ai content generator that allows you to create written content quickly, then AI-writer may be the choice for you. Using the website’s built-in tools and features, you can easily write articles, blog posts. 

Is there a trial version available for

Yes, you can try for a limited time before you decide to buy it. With the trial you get 2500 word credits to use for 7 days. The trial version lets you explore all the features and functions of the software.

Is Ai-Writer worth it?

Yes, we think that Ai-Writer is a great value for money. It’s one of the few Ai generators that writes full blog posts with minimal input in just 5 minutes.

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